Word Wall Borders - Printable Word Wall Maker 
Word Wall Borders work well for advanced vocabulary lists. In portrait orientation, six words are displayed in 80 pt. Arial type surrounded by a border.
Word Box:

  1. Follow the example below to enter your word list in the Word Box.
  2. Type your first word.
    Press enter.
  3. Type your second word.
    Press enter.
  4. For example:
    • inform
    • informal
    • information
    • informative
    • misinform
    • misinformation
  5. When your list is complete, press Submit.
  6. Your Word Wall Borders will appear in your browser's window.
  7. Use the browser back arrow to return to the generator to make changes. Press Submit.
  8. From the file menu of your browser, select "Print Preview."
  9. Use the browser's "Page Setup" to set margins and orientation.
  10. Print from the browser.