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Enjoy free reproducible and projectable sheet music of public domain traditional children's, inspirational, and Christmas songs. These songs have been arranged for use with one octave KidsPlay™ handbells. The rhythm charts and black-and-white sheet music are also a great resource for other C-major diatonic instruments such as resonator bells, glockenspiels, Boomwhackers®, soprano recorders, and flutophones.

Here's what you'll find on these pages.

Rhythm Chart Rhythm Charts present rhythm notes above lines counting the beats in a measure.
Sheet Music Sheet Music uses a large font for young musicians. Simple harmonies and rounds are presented in soprano-alto format.
Color Sheet Music Color Sheet Music corresponds to the KidsPlay™ handbell colors so young musicians who are able to count rhythms can play songs.
Screen Music Screen Music eliminates the need for individual music stands by presenting rhythm charts and sheet music in a projectable pdf form.
midi Midi recordings can be played online or downloaded for editing.

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