Quiz Composer - Self-scoring Interactive Quizzes  
To create Multiple Choice Drop Down Menu:
For a sample Drop Down Quiz, click here.
  1. Type the quiz name in the the title box.
  2. Enter an html color code for the background.
    The default is white.
  3. Enter the text for your quiz in the text box.
  4. Text will appear in paragraph form on quiz.
  5. Create line breaks by pressing "enter."
  6. You can use html tags to format your text.
  7. Place multiple choice options in square brackets separated by commas.
  8. Place an asterisk * before the correct answer.
  9. Example:
    • Bananas are [red,purple,*yellow].
    • Grapes are [*purple,orange,brown].
    • Milk is [purple,*white,orange].

  10. To create Fill in Boxes:
    For a sample Fill In Quiz, click here.

  11. Follow steps 1 through 6 above.
  12. Place curly brackets { } around desired answer.
  13. Answers are case sensitive and must match exactly to be scored as correct.
  14. Example:
    • Sue lost {her} hat.
    • Joe found {his} book.
    • Our neighbors got {their} mail.
  15. Check "Answer Verification." Press "Submit."
    Quiz will display in browser window with correct answers showing.
  16. Use the browser back arrow to return to the generator to make changes.
  17. Uncheck "Answer Verification." Press "Submit."
  18. Save the file as "Web Page, HTML only."
  19. Upload your quiz to your web site or save the page to your computer.

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