Drill Deck - Virtual Flashcard Maker 
  1. Name the deck by typing your list name in the Deck Title box.
  2. Follow the example below to enter your vocabulary words and definitions in the Flashcard Box.
  3. Type your first word.
    Press enter.
  4. Type the definition for that word.
    Press enter.
  5. For example:
    • calf
    • A young cow
    • puppy
    • A young dog
    • kitten
    • A young cat
  6. You can use html tags to format your text.
  7. When your list is complete, press Submit.
  8. Your DrillDeck will appear in your browser's window.
  9. Test your DrillDeck for accuracy.
  10. Use the browser back arrow to return to the generator to make changes. Press Submit.
  11. Save the file as "Web Page, HTML only."
  12. Upload your DrillDeck to your web site or save the page to your computer.
Click here to see a sample DrillDeck.
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